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 Kategorie: PG internat. Zum jüngsten Beitrag 
Thema: Talking about Psychographywerner - 22.08.2004 12:10 
Dear colleagues,

I wonder if there is a need to talk about psychography in english? Because we are "under us" (haha) we have the chance to talk as "our mouth has grown".

Werner (Relation type)

PS Little by little I will publish the translation of "Psychographie für Einsteiger":  for free. The first five chapters are yet in the net.

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A1   RE: Talking about Psychography churchyard - 22.08.2004 12:21 
Hello Werner,
a good idea - as a BT I am enthusiastic about that. And to speak with Leonard Cohen: "First we take Manhatten - then we take Berlin..."

Greetings Churchyard:-)

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A2   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 22.08.2004 13:05 
ah - now we know at leasts your type ...

We have still difficulties to take Berlin; Stuttgart was easyier :-)

But if you have an idea, how to take Manhattan, I'm interessted. (If we can make it there, we could make it everywhere)

Werner (RT)

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A3   RE: Talking about Psychography bluaflava - 22.08.2004 19:43 
oh werner,
it´s really a challenge to correspondate in english.
but maybe a great chance to get international interlocutors. and possibly that´ll be easier if the website calls dot com instead of dot de.
we are not sure about your motive to open this theme. certainly it´s not to complete your english knowledge, considering the fact you´ve already consult a private (?) teacher ;-))
petra (TT), barbara (AT)

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A4   RE: Talking about Psychography bluaflava - 22.08.2004 22:28 
we naturally meant "correspond".
p.(TT), b (AT)

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A5   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 23.08.2004 10:28 
I don't think, a change of .de to .com would increase our subject ...

My first aim in opening an english-speaking threat was to inform you about the possibility to read the "einsteiger"-text in english, if wanted.
Or to inform your english-speaking-friends around the world about that link.

Werner (RT)

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A6   RE: Talking about Psychography econmb - 25.08.2004 08:13 
I find it very good to discuss Psychography in English, too.
Not just to practice English but we were offered such a great and useful tool by the Psychography that we should do everything to make it public. So Werner does a great effort to do so. Just imagine that countries using Psychography in foreign politics. Not just one or two to abuse it but every one. I guess a high rate of understanding would be reached.
So thanks Werner for making the start for it.
Martin (RT/Thinker/You/Present)

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A7   RE: Talking about Psychography bluaflava - 25.08.2004 12:28 
i`m thinking about the word psychography in english.
is the right word maybe psychographic? but maybe it`s something different then?
p. (TT)

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A8   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 25.08.2004 12:51 
This word was used by Gordon W. Allport and was translated into german as "Psychographie".

But even here we need a good headline, whichs explains, what psychography is and what you can do with it.

Werner (RT)

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A9   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 27.08.2004 14:30 
Do you aggree, that the art of psychography is a kind of "seeing/naming colours" - in means of human relationships; without we are only able to see black and white - that often causes needless problems and misunderstanding.

Werner (RT)

PS Now the whole "Psychographie für Einsteiger"-translation is available at the internet:

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A10   RE: Talking about Psychography michael - 27.08.2004 16:35 
werner, I understand, what you mean with seeing/naming colours. You talk about "black & white" in everyday life, but in psychography wer're also just using three colours... :-)
o.k. - 81 different colours would be a little bit too confusing...

you ask for a good headline to explain what psychography is. you mean in english or german? or both?
e.g. like: "the knowledge of human nature by exploring interaction between people and the attempt to learn from each other"? maybe a little bit too scientific, I think. :-)
M. (TT)

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A11   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 27.08.2004 16:56 
@ Michael: I would be extremely happy, if we could find a word like "rechnen" oder "zählen" in German, that expresses what we do with the psychographical knowledge. It's about the difference between "mathematics" and "calculate" or between "physical wavelength" and "colour".

Werner (RT)

PS: Your scientific title is not bad at all.

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A12   RE: Talking about Gewichtung werner - 07.09.2004 21:33 
Dear psychographers!

We found out a new words as translation for "Gewichtung" (for which there is no single word in english): IMPORTANCE

How does that sound to you? It includes preferences and neglects.

Werner (RT)

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A13   IMPORTANCE econmb - 08.09.2004 10:45 

IMPORTANCE seems to be a good word although i do think that it comprises too much of what we want to express with it.

another suggestion from me would be EMPHASIS.

in german it is translated with "Gewichtung", "Schwerpunkt" und "Betonung" (see  ).

what about that?

greetings from
martin (RT)

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A14   RE: inclination-disinclination werner - 16.01.2006 16:26 
@ Martin: Late answer, I know ... in the meantime, your suggestion "emphasis" (plural: emphases) was suggested by others so I think it is useful.

Another change in translation has occured since Padma O'Maras work: We have replaced "preference" by "inclination" (dt. Hang zu) and "neglect" by "disinclination".
The problem is, that "neglect" sounds a little bit too active and negative, too.

But I think, we're still open for new suggestions even in that case.

Werner (BT)

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A15   RE: areas of life? werner - 17.01.2006 09:50 
Another problematic word for translation is "Lebensbereiche", because "areas of life" is not specific enough.

An alternative might be "areas of life in the map of psychography" or "the 12 main options" - here I'm interested in opinions from english-speaking readers ...

Werner (BT)

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A16   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 30.03.2006 10:47 
I want to share my pleasure of hearing that a corean publisher plans to translate "Warum sind wir so verschieden?" into korean language.

Maybe we are soon able to welcome some corean guests in this forum?

Werner (relation-type)

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A17   Thread of November: Talking about Psychographie redaktionsteam - 01.11.2010 10:13 


As the world is getting smaller due to internet, we hope, that there are some fans and users of our psychographic model in other countries as well (in deed we yet know, that there are some ;)).

Therefore we want to remind today of our thread "Talking about Psychographie" and invite you to use this forum...

Have fun, a lot of great thematic discussions and/ or benefit from the model for your work :)


 Petra Schmalzl for the team :)

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A18   RE: Talking about Psychography kovalskyy - 09.11.2010 16:10 



Hello, i hope somebody will visit this topic some day. I dont know about India and Manhattan, but Kiev and Moscow and Tbilisi and Minsk are shurely ready for PG taking )

Hello from Kiev.

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A19   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 09.11.2010 18:03 

Hi Kovalskyy :)

You can be sure, that some of "us" watch this thread carefully and we are pleased to answer all the questions, your training has left unanswered :)

Welcome to the PG-World!

Werner (Beziehungstyp, wir-bezogen, zukunftsorientiert, Denker - Typencode 1332)

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A20   RE: Talking about Psychography buchfrau - 09.11.2010 22:00 




Hello, i hope somebody will visit this topic some day. I dont know about India and Manhattan, but Kiev and Moscow and Tbilisi and Minsk are shurely ready for PG taking )

Hello from Kiev.

  Petra 1323 BT-Wir-Vergangenheit-Macher


Hi Kovalskyy,

nice to read you :)


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A21   RE: Talking about Psychography nansolutions - 10.11.2010 17:31 

Hi everybody and a big warm welcome to Kovalskyy!

Great to have an English speaking person in the group.

What a good idea to revive the English thread on psychography - or shall we better say the 123 model. Under consideration of the vast past experiences, this is a good time to spread the knowledge abroad. English is a most appropriate tool for this purpose and is certain to be so for the next decades.

Psychography - or the 123 model - is a language which can be spoken in every part in the world, only in different words.

A worldwide communication full of understanding, despite differences.

I have a dream :-)

Nancy (BT, ich/Zukunft/Fühler)

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A22   RE: Talking about Psychography werner - 07.07.2011 09:36 

Hello everybody,

today I can announce that with the help of our translator Nancy Mandody, our webmaster Holger Hägele and of course with the financial support of our members we have been able to publish our new website


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